Success means the consistent implementation of important tasks.
I support you with this process!

As a finance expert, I accompany you flexibly and purposefully – from the stage of analysis, to strategy and concept and finally to implementation.

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Cornelia Kluger Leistungen
Interim Managment

Interim Management with focus on Finance & Controlling

In several kinds of corporate situations, management tasks cannot efficiently be dealt with internally.

There could be various reasons why you might need an Interim-Manager for your company:

  • Certain new business areas in your company require increased management attention
  • You need extra support through company restructuring
  • A lack of management resources requires you to fulfil unexpected vacancies by yourself – you need support
  • You require specific expertise on a certain topic

Whatever reason awakens your need, I take on various responsibilities to support you in a timely and reliable manner. As:

  • Finance Manager
  • CFO
  • Managing Director

I help you out of difficult situations to emerge as a successful company.

My executive strength lies in the balance I can strike between assertiveness and inclusiveness. Your company will profit from my business and financial acumen, my strategic thinking, my single-minded purposefulness and superb communication skills. I have proven these qualities through my experience in top management over 16 years for both national and international companies.

My ambition is contagious!

Mergers & Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisition – Post-merger Integration

When companies are partly or completely sold and bought, existing structures, workflows and employees must remain intact. The same holds true for Mergers.

The tasks that arise as a result are multi-faceted:

  • Transaction analysis and settlement
  • Strategy development and restructuring
  • Planning new legal and business entities
  • Analysing cost structures and increasing synergy potential
  • Accompanying the purchase price allocation until first-time consolidation
  • Standardisation of reporting

This complex process calls for expertise, experience and social skills alike, to enable a smoothly planned and professional procedure to unfold for all parties.

With much enthusiasm and extensive practical experience, I had the opportunity to complete the purchase and integration of a consortium (transaction volume of around EUR 1 billion) within an impressively short time span. In addition to this company, I have recently been able to put my knowledge to the test for a different post-merger integration project which was carried out over only five months.

I’ll be at your side allowing my know-how to flow through the process from the early phase of “Due Diligence” until the integration of the company.

From conception to implementation – all from one source.

Projekt Management

Temporary project manager

Whether your company has grown particularly rapidly or has experienced unforeseen changes, the need for technically competent project managers can arise so suddenly that no suitable internal candidates can be found to fulfil this new role. I can act as temporary project manager in the following roles:

  • Group consolidation
  • Finance and accounting
  • Controlling

I work flexibly and reliably and as an action-implementer – not only as team leader, but also as part of the existing team, with a hands-on mentality and a strong focus on efficiency.


Restructuring and Turn-around

Difficult decisions and concrete measures are not as complex or challenging in any other area as in those of restructuring and turnarounds. How does the company concerned create a fresh start and how can it offer its employees new perspectives? This is exactly what my work is all about. Purely financially, this problem can very seldomly be satisfactorily solved. My task is to support you through to successful restructuring process. Together we will:

  • Identify causes of crises
  • Define immediate relief measures
  • Examine options and possibilities
  • Produce a restructuring concept
  • Make informed and sustainable decisions

The aim of our joint work is to develop consensual solutions to problems and to successfully implement all necessary measures through transparency and clarity, in order to get your company back on track – sustainable and future-orientated.


Appointing a supervisory board

Not every company is legally required to employ a supervisory or advisory board; however, most companies profit greatly from the support of a committee of this kind. As a member of your supervisory board, I contribute my extensive experience in the fields of finance and controlling to help build your company’s success. Accompanied with direct, honest communication, my expertise brings about clear decision-making and objective judgements.
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